Mydesk Mobile HRMS


MyDesk is the innovative, advanced, simple and user friendly Customer Service Management Software bundled with all the tools your Customer Service Team requires to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

MyDesk help you capturing all the enquiries, grievances and suggestions of your customers (both internal, external and non-customers) from any channel like Website, Call Center, Walk-in, Inbound Email, Inbound Physical Letters, Third Party letters like Ombudsman, Authorities etc. and assign them with a TAT / SLA for definite action.

MyDesk with its integration with SMS & Email platforms keep every stake holder notified of movement of the tickets. You can configure single level, multi-level, adhoc-manual workflow for the raised tickets and track them till they are closed.

MyDesk is capable of reading all inbound emails of configured mail boxes and assist in creating tickets with auto-tagging functionalities for effective tracking. Web site Help Desks forms will be auto-integrated with MyDesk for seamless ticket creation.

You can monitory your SLA Compliance, Aging Analysis and identify top challenges of your customers. These Analysis help you in understanding the most happening challenges and monitor the effectiveness of your action in eradicating them. MyDesk ensures over a period critical challenges of your customers are reduced and arrested completely for further reoccurrence.

Advantages of Mydesk

  • No Hardware
  • No Licensed Software
  • No Maintenance Charges
  • 100% Uptime
  • Just increase your branches in no time
  • No investment on Software / MobileAPP
  • No Waiting Period …. Just subscribe and be online
  • No Investment on people to manage the hardware and software
  • Pay only for use
  • Just increase the number of users in no time
  • Features

  • Configure & Classify the Incident Parameters
  • Capture any type of fields with form designer
  • Email Processing | Web Form Processing
  • Enterprise Workflow Foundation | 360 degree customer view
  • Email / SMS Notification | Team / Individual buckets
  • Escalations / Reminders / Alerts
  • Reopen / Transfer / Reassign tickets
  • Business Dashboards | Analytical / Graphical Reports
  • Quick Contact