Mydesk Mobile HRMS


Everyone knows that significant benefits can be obtained from CRM, but only few knows the right CRM to realize this benefit…. MyDeskCRM is an enterprise class sales CRM helps collating, tracking and converting leads from any channel. Leads from any channel like Web Leads, Upload of leads from various portals, walk-in leads, reference leads etc. can be directly pulled into MyDeskCRM automatically. MyDeskCRM is the effective Sales Tools with Easy to use screens that helps the sales team focus on Sales activities rather than data entry into CRM.

MyDeskCRM helps in managing and tracking the leads of your channel partners effectively. MyDeskCRM MobileAPP has Google Navigation, Google Geo Location Tagging functions to effectively track the sales function.


Lead Management System

✓ Using Lead workflow distribute leads to sales team ✓ Track the Life Cycle ✓ Personalized SMS & Email to the Customer ✓ MobileAPP for Push Notifications ✓ Google Navigation & Google Geo Location Tagging enabled ✓ Identify and focus on Hot & Winning Leads ✓ Lead Escalations for inactivity

Sales Team Management

✓ Targets ✓ Monitor team progress ✓ MobileAPP with Dashboard on vital parameters ✓ Track Productivity of Team ✓ Hot Location mapping of leads ✓ One click call customers directly from Mobile ✓ Update Status directly on Mobile ✓ Expense Reporting ✓ Track Productivity of Team


✓ Update the Profile ✓ Leave Request ✓ OD Request | OT Request | C-Off ✓ Permissions ✓ Travel Requests ✓ Asset Requests ✓ Asset Requests ✓ Grievance Management ✓ Letter Requests ✓ Expenses & Claims Requests ✓ eAttendance


✓ Run SMS & Email Campaigns ✓ Track Leads generated out of Campaigns ✓ Track Campaign Effectiveness ✓ Single / Bundled Product Campaigns

Advantages of Mydesk

  • No Hardware
  • No Licensed Software
  • No Maintenance Charges
  • 100% Uptime
  • No investment on Software / MobileAPP
  • No Waiting Period …. Just subscribe and be online
  • No Investment on people to manage the hardware and software
  • Pay only for use
  • Just increase the number of users in no time
  • Just increase your branches in no time
  • Features

  • Multi Language Support (162+)
  • Analytical Dashboard with drill down option
  • Graphical / Data based Reports
  • Access Control based on User Role
  • Multi Country, Multi Currency, Multi Language
  • Available on Cloud / Private Cloud / On Premises
  • MobileAPP for Android / IOS
  • Calendar View
  • Quick Contact