Mydesk Mobile HRMS


Cloud based easy to use Human Capital Management System (HRMS) – MyDeskHRMS helps managing the employees conveniently at their fingertips anytime, anywhere. MyDeskHRMS MobileAPP for Android, IOS and Windows keep your team connected anytime, anywhere on their smart phones irrespective of the brand, size and features.

Google Location Tagged Attendance on Mobile Devices helps easily registering the attendance at the defined locations and avoids queue in the busy morning hours. MyDeskHRMS supports Multi-Country, Multi-Currency Payroll with easy configurations supporting all the local regulations on pay structure and Tax deductions. MyDeskHRMS is certified for Security Vulnerability Assessments and you can be at peace on Data Security and safety.

Any data related employees including any type of files can be stored in MyDeskHRMS with drag and drop. Be part of HR Revolution on cloud in seconds…

MyDeskHRMS is available with 162+ Languages globally. MyDesk is certified to work across any of the leading browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera and default browser of Smart phones and tablets. MyDeskHRMS is integrated with Email & SMS platforms for sending & receiving messages, alerts, reminders, escalations etc.

The advanced workflow of MyDeskHRMS is simple to setup, but meets every business requirement of your organization. Audit Trail functionality of MyDesk monitors all the changes along with digital signature of the users. Security Access Control feature of MyDeskHRMS helps in controlling the User Operations in terms of Menu Access & Functional Access.


Employee Management

✓ Work Details | Contact Information ✓ Family Data | Education | Skill Matrix ✓ Career History | Documents ✓ Travel Documents | Employee Benefits ✓ Salary Revision History ✓ Attendance Data | Joining Checklist


✓ Update the Profile ✓ Leave Request ✓ OD Request | OT Request | C-Off ✓ Permissions ✓ Travel Requests ✓ Asset Requests ✓ Asset Requests ✓ Grievance Management ✓ Letter Requests ✓ Expenses & Claims Requests ✓ eAttendance

Time & Attendance System

Setup organizational policies on various leave types, Leave Credit Policies, Work Hour Settings, Holiday & Week Off settings for effectively handling the employee daily operations.Upload of Daily attendance as a Excel File is available for processing the attendance data. Geo Location tagged daily attendance on the personal mobile of the employee using the MobileAPP.

Enterprise Workflow

✓ Project Master ✓ Project Employee Mapping ✓ Daily Time-Sheet ✓ Employee on Bench

Exit Management

✓ Resignation Request ✓ Resignation Acceptance ✓ No Objection Workflow ✓ Final Settlement ✓ Relieving Letter ✓ Exit Interview

Payroll & Taxes

✓ Salary Master ✓ IT Configurations ✓ Attendance Processing ✓ EAttendance Modification ✓ Adhoc Credits | Adhoc Debits ✓ Payroll Processing ✓ Payroll Approval ✓ IT Calculation ✓ Salary Revisions – Direct ✓ Loans & Advances ✓ Loan Request | Loan Closure ✓ Salary Revisions & Performance Appraisals

Advantages of Mydesk

  • No Hardware
  • No Licensed Software
  • No Maintenance Charges
  • 100% Uptime
  • Just increase your branches in no time
  • No investment on Software / MobileAPP
  • No Waiting Period …. Just subscribe and be online
  • No Investment on people to manage the hardware and software
  • Pay only for use
  • Just increase the number of users in no time
  • Features

  • Multi Language Support (162+)
  • Analytical Dashboard with drill down option
  • Graphical / Data based Reports
  • Access Control based on User Role
  • Multi Country, Multi Currency, Multi Language
  • Available on Cloud / Private Cloud / On Premises
  • MobileAPP for Android / IOS
  • Calendar View
  • Quick Contact